Yeah it's true, it's official. I managed to lock myself out of my youtube account somehow. No idea how it happened, even after restarting my password it still didn't know me access. I found an annoying flaw in google's programming...and yet I didn't get any richer from it.

Oh well! I have to move on, I've created a new youtube account with alllll your old favourite videos (allll 2 of them). If you want me to explain an aspect of D&D that you think would be suited for a video; then drop me an e-mail at or leave a comment and I'll work on it like a car bonnet ASAP

Check out my new youtube account!

Any comments about the channel? Ideas?

I just recently stumbled across this video.

How cool does this look! Imagine how interactive games would need for boards, but apparently you still need the miniatures. It would probably take less time for the DM to prepare as he can drag elements into the game quickly and easily. It's like a giant iPhone with a stupidly big application. I like it, but I think I would probably spill my drink all over it to be honest...

It would probably bring the younger generation in but maybe scare away the older audiences to have such an intimidating piece of machinery, it looks huge and you can't really shift it a couple of inches like you can the TV when it has a massive sun glare on it.

However, it looks fun, poking a screen instead of poking a keyboard seems the way forward. Also, if you have a couple of thousands lying around, over £8,000, then you might as well give it a try. Are you suprised it's from Micro$oft? The money grabbers?