Dungeons and Dragons board games

There are Dungeons and Dragon board games designed to ease you into the Dungeons and Dragons world. However, to play the board game you generally need five players. One of the players will play the role of Dungeon Master and the other four players will have to pick a character each. These board games require no understanding of the Dungeons and Dragons rule set but it is an obvious advantage if you know some basics. The board games below are a great way to get started in Dungeons and Dragons where the real fun can begin, such as telling stories and role playing. So find some friends and give it all a try, you'll be suprised at how much your friends will enjoy it!

Dungeons and Dragons Basic Game (v4.0)

Similar content to above, but follows the rule set of version 4.0. The average price is cheaper, around £8-£10. I'm not too knowledgeable on v4.0 but it is the latest version and still follows the foundations of Dungeons and Dragons. Doesn't contain miniatures like the other game but has cardboard cut outs, the dice, rules and so on to get you started. Currently at Blackwells bookshop for £9.99, it's cheaper and more up-to-date then the other board game!

Dungeons and Dragons Basic Game (v3.5)

This boardgame contains miniatures, tiles (to place the miniatures on), dice (d20, d12, d10, d8 and d4) and various booklets and sheets to explain how to play the game. Can easily play it straight out of the box without any preparation at all. Follows the rule set of version 3.5. You can get it from Blackwell book shop for £14.99, a very good price!

After playing the boardgame, you maybe wandering where to go next. The next step would be to buy the Dungeons and Dragons books to start crafting your own adventures. Click on Dungeons and Dragons Manuals to continue your journey!