Dungeons and Dragons video games

Below are some examples of video games that incorporates Dungeons and Dragons. Try them out and see if you enjoy the Dungeons and Dragons world:

Dungeons and Dragons: Tatics (24/08/07)

A PSP version of Dungeons and Dragons. It requires you to create a party of up to 6 where you only take 4 characters into mini adventures which overall progress into a story line. The interface is a bit messy but logical to follow, it just requires alot of "x"s to finally issue a command. Character creation is very easy and explains alot of elements during character creation about what each skill, attribute or feat means. Very fun and extremely focused on turn-based, just like Temple of Elemental Evil, where you can take as long as you like to issue a command in combat. Exploring can be a bit of a pain as you mostly have to control one character at a time and moving them 4-6 squares at a time which can be time consuming. Probably the "newest" Dungeons and Dragons game on the list.

Dungeons & Dragons Online (28/02/06)

An online version of D&D, very team focused and combat focused. You can form parties and have your own private adventures where the DM is the computer. It has all the skills and feats there and instead of preparing a certain amount of spells per day you use mana. You recover mana and health by resting. Best of all, it's free and includes an in-game shop which sells items that enhances game play.

Neverwinter Nights 2 (03/11/06)

The second in the series of Neverwinter Nights. Still includes all the original classes, combat is still the same like the original but has a few new prestiage classes that are not included in the first game. Still follows the Dungeons and Dragon 3.5 rules. There are 3 expansions for this game as well (Mask of the Betrayer, Storm of Zehir and Mysteries of Westgate) which also includes lots of additions to prolonge the life of this game. If you have a good computer with a good graphics card and want a prettier game to play, play this one over the original Neverwinter Nights.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard (21/09/05)

This is a real-time strategy game where you control instead of one character but several units and send them into combat. You have a champion and you can earn experience points to upgrade any of your units however you like. It still has the unit classes like D&D does, such as the cleric who heals, the ranger who scouts and the barbarians who...well smash. This game doesn't need a brilliantly powerful computer to play but it's worth a go...you can download the demo here.

Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone (--/--/04)

You get to play three different characters, a rogue, fighter and a wizard. Very hack and slash and based on real time combat (not turn based like D&D pen 'n' paper). As stated on the website:

Overview A lone fighter, a brash sorcerer, a hot-tempered rogue. Three warriors, brought together by an unexplainable force, must embark on a fateful journey that will continuously test their extraordinary battle skills. Game Features
  • Thrilling pick-up-and-play combat: hand-to-hand battles and melee brawls (the fighter), ranged and projectile power (the sorcerer), sexy stealth attacks (the rogue)

  • Sprawling story by N.Y. Times - bestselling author R.A. Salvatore

  • Voice performances by Patrick Stewart and Michael Clarke Duncan

  • Unique camera angles and video, delivering an exceptional fantasy movie experience

  • Beautiful ominous Forgotten Realms environments, from the Gemspark Mines to the Jungles of Chult, to the Underdark and beyond

  • Devastating Dungeons & Dragons, creatures including Bugbears, Slaadi and Yuan-tis

  • Expansive range of combo moves, skill upgrades, weapons, armor and more

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II (20/01/04)

The second in the series of Dark Alliance, a bit of an upgrade from the first one. Able to play one of five characters:  A Human Barbarian, Drow Monk, Elven Necromancer, Dwarven Rogue and a human cleric. You can unlock two other characters that can be played as well. Also, at some point during the game, the characters can change their class by completing a quest and therefore gaining access to more skills and abilities. Obviously alot more variety compared to the first one and a wider variety of magical items to choose from. Able to play co-operatively.

Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes (--/09/03)

Another hack n slash D&D game that has real time combat. You can choose to be a human fighter, a dwarven cleric, a halfling rogue and an elven wizard. You can upgrade your characters when you get enough experience points on stats, skills, abilities and spells. Very fast paced, plenty of gold, plenty of spells to choose from and many magic items. Best of all you can play with up to four other players co-operatively so you can gather some friends arond the sofa and have some fun! Even though it is on the xbox, it apparently works on the xbox360 as well!

The Temple of Elemental Evil (03/10/03)

A mini Dungeons and Dragons game where you command up to a party of 5 characters which you create from scratch at the start. Graphics are alot better then Baldur's Gate but the adventure is quite short, but sweet. The combat is alot easier compared to Baldur's Gate because as soon as combat starts, every character takes a turn to move and attack i.e. you control one character at a time for one turn until all the enemies are slain. The interface during combat is a bit messy at times, requiring alot of clicks to finally issue a command but all in all not bad!

Neverwinter Nights (03/07/02)

This is what introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons. It can be a bit confusing at first, but over time you can understand how it works with the help of reading one or two pages from the manual. You play the role of a character, which you create by choosing the class, gender and alignment (How good or evil you are).It follows quite closely Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition with an epic story over four chapters, totalling around 40 hours of offline gameplay. The adventure can continue online as well with modules that other players have created using the toolset. There are two expansions (Shadows of Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark), each providing more classes, more levels to gain (up to 40 levels, originally 20), new environments and best of all a new story to follow just as deep and involving as the last. You can save your character and develop him or her in other games. It has been out for a few years and can be picked up quite cheap at your local video game store or online. Created by Bioware.

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (22/10/02)

Yet another hack n slash, real time and combat based game. The choice of characters are very limited...a human arcane archer, elven sorceress and a dwarven fighter. You are able to unlock an additional character as well. Again, lots of items to grab, the ability to upgrade your character and also you can play two player co-operatively. However, good if you like to smack alot of monsters!

Icewind Dale II (27/08/02)

The second in the series of Icewind Dale. Similar to Baldur's Gate but you can create all your party members at the start of the game. There isn't a main character (like in Baldur's gate where the main character is the character created at the start). A variety of races, classes and skills which are from the Dungeons and Dragons world. Which adds more content such as maps, races, spells and skills. This can be bought cheaply as you can get a trio pack (Icewind Dale I, heart of winter and Icewind Dale II).

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn (24/09/00)

The second in the series of Baldur's gate, similar gameplay to Baldur's gate but better graphics and a new story line to follow.

Icewind Dale (20/06/00)

Similar to Baldur's Gate but you can create all your party members at the start of the game. There isn't a main character (like in Baldur's gate where the main character is the character created at the start). A variety of races, classes and skills which are from the Dungeons and Dragons world. There is an expansion pack for this: The heart of Winter. Which adds more content such as maps, races, spells and skills. This can be bought cheaply as you can get a trio pack (Icewind Dale I, heart of winter and Icewind Dale II). £10 isn't too bad you know.

Baldur's Gate (30/11/98)

Created by the same company as Neverwinter Nights (Bioware) you can expect the same high quality. This game can be more complicated as you can control up to a party of 6 people. You have a main character which you create from the start and during your journey you can recruit other members. There is an option to create all your party members from the start of the game, but this is for more advanced players. Combat can be difficult at first when you're trying to give out commands about who to attack who but to succeed, it requires tatics. Thankfully you can pause any time just by hitting the spacebar and issuing commands that way. A great storyline and you are also able to replay your character from the start and maintain the stats of your character. Personally, not as good as Neverwinter Nights but still a must have classic if you want to get into Dungeons and Dragons. There is an expansion pack (Tales of the Sword Coast). Bioware also created Baldur's Gate II and Icewind Dale. Again this can be picked up pretty cheap as this was released years before Neverwinter Nights.